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Simoa at Champagne for Lunch nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to answering all her questions until now (my apologies)! I’ll forego nominating blogs and coming up with my own questions this time around, so this post will just be my answers to Simoa’s questions.

  1. Favorite film you’ve watched on a plane?
    My nine-hour flights to and from Europe last summer had an awesome selection of movies (here’s a taste of the classic films they had from my Instagram). I watched a couple of favorites (An American in Paris and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), but one movie I really enjoyed watching for the first time on that trip was Romancing the Stone.
  2. Favorite film with mythological creatures?
    Most likely The Little Mermaid, which is a movie I loved a lot as a kid and made me wish I could be a mermaid.
  3. Favorite place to watch movies?
    TCM! An actual physical place though (aside from a movie theater) would be back at my parents’ house because they have a huge TV. I also left my beloved desktop computer in my old room that had a nicely-sized screen.
  4. Favorite genre?
    It’s a toss-up between film noir and musicals, which are both genres that rely heavily on style. Even if the movie in either genre is not up to par, I usually find some sort of enjoyment in them.
  5. Is there an actor/actress you didn’t love immediately but now do?
    Even though I grew up on The Sound of Music and did like her in it, I didn’t get into Eleanor Parker’s films until much later, sadly only a few months before she passed away in 2013. But now she’s an underrated favorite of mine, I wish she was remembered for other films aside from The Sound of Music because she really was a great actress and deserves more credit.
  6. Is there a film you’d recast? Which actors would you choose?
    Ever since I read that Warner Bros. supposedly tried to get Joan Fontaine as Emily Bronte opposite Olivia de Havilland’s Charlotte Bronte in Devotion, I’m wishing it happened! So I guess I’d just recast Joan in Ida Lupino’s role, even though she’s fine in the movie. Mostly I just wish Olivia and Joan had worked together, and it would’ve been so great to see them play the famed literary sisters (if only the movie itself was of better quality…)

    Olivia de Havilland visits Joan Fontaine on the set of her film, Jane Eyre

    Olivia de Havilland visits Joan Fontaine on the set of Jane Eyre

  7. Do you prefer watching movies by yourself or with others?
    It depends on the movie, but I generally prefer watching movies by myself because then I’m not worrying about what the other person thinks of the movie we’re watching.
  8. Your favorite wardrobe designer?
    This is a pretty typical answer, but I have to go with Edith Head. I’m sure if I gave myself more time I could come up with other costume designers I admire, but she designed the wardrobe for many of my favorite films. Sometimes I don’t even realize she worked on a film because she was able to adapt her style into films that took place in different time periods (thinking of The Heiress).
  9. Which object in a Disney/Pixar film would you most like to own? (i.e. stuff like Cinderella’s slipper, the Beast’s magic mirror)
    Probably Aladdin’s lamp. It’d be especially fun if Genie were in it, but I imagine he’d be out enjoying his much-deserved freedom, but maybe he’d visit anyway.
  10. An animated character that inspires you?
    I’ll say Cinderella because she remains a nice, optimistic person despite a horrible situation.
  11. Films you’re looking forward to?
    There’s always a ton of movies I’m excited to see this time of year because of ~awards season~ but I’ll narrow it down to La La Land and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which both come out on the same day!

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