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was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Paul, who runs the blog Kids Riding Bicycles. I only started following his blog recently but it’s been a pleasure reading his posts on all things Disney and Steven Spielberg. So thank you, Paul, for thinking of me for this award, I really appreciate it!

As per the rules of accepting the award, I’ll now list off seven things about myself:

  1. I was born and raised in Anaheim, California. So for the first 18 years of my life, I lived about 15 minutes away from The Happiest Place on Earth. And though I moved away six years ago, I do still miss the convenience of living close by because I love Disneyland so much.
  2. Speaking of Disney Parks, I’ve been to three of them! While I’ve been to Disneyland too many times to count, I’ve been to Walt Disney World once and Disneyland Paris once. It’s on my bucket list to visit every Disney Theme Park in the world, so hopefully, I’ll be able to make a few trips to Asia in the future (I’ve never been).
  3. While I love traveling and visiting places I’ve never been to, I’m really more of a homebody at heart. I’m a real introvert and don’t go out a lot; I’m usually found at home watching a movie instead.
  4. As I’ve mentioned recently, I work as a broadcast news producer. Essentially I’m responsible for putting different news stories together in a way that flows so that, for example, there’s not a story about a double murder followed by a happy story about Christmas. While I’m not particularly a news junkie, I do enjoy the television production aspect of it. Hopefully down the road, it leads me to a job at TCM. 🙂
  5. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, and now that I work overnight shifts to put together news shows for the morning, I really do live by night. I’m usually in bed by late morning and don’t get up until early in the evening.
  6. I have two cats back in Illinois (I moved from there to my current job in Alabama) named Kiki and Holly. While those were the names given to them by the animal shelter, I like to pretend their names are movie-inspired and that their namesakes come from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Third Man, as those films also feature cats that are essential to the plot. Plus my cat Kiki is black just like Jiji, so it just makes sense.
  7. I have two younger sisters who I’m happy to call my best friends despite our age differences. Somehow it worked out that we were all born four years apart from each other, so my youngest sister and I are eight years apart, while my other sister is right in between us in age.

Though we’re allowed to nominate as many blogs as we please for the award, I’ll keep with the title and spotlight One Lovely Blog, and that is Erin at Cinematic Scribblings. She offers a wealth of knowledge on classic films, particularly foreign films out of Europe and Japan. As someone who’s always eager to expand my cinematic horizons, Erin’s blog has been a great resource for discovering films I might not have heard of or for learning about films I already love (such as François Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel series). I can’t recommend her blog enough!

Here are the rules for accepting your One Lovely Blog Award nomination:

  • Write a blog post accepting your nomination.
  • Show the blogger who nominated you how much you love them by thanking them in your post and linking to their blog.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate other blogs that you think are totally rad.
  • Let the bloggers you’ve nominated know they’ve received an award.
  • Post the rules again to let those bloggers know how it works.

7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I remember you telling me about your cat Kiki, but that’s so cool about Holly! And a great Third Man reference too. (Ok, I read cats as cars at first which was confusing and then I was like…/oh/). I hope you do make it to TCM!! *3*

      • Yeah, I actually really love my schedule for the most part! For one thing, there’s barely anyone in the building through much of my shift, and by the time more people start coming in I’m already heading out the door. 🙂

    • My cat Holly is gray and white so she sadly doesn’t look like either cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Third Man, but she’s a cutie nonetheless!

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, and I always enjoy reading and learning from your blog too. Your job certainly sounds interesting, and it would be great if you could work for TCM someday!

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